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Queering Chicago’s CRE Market

Amanda Friedlander | Jun 18, 2024

This blog is based on our podcast episode: “Queering Chicago’s CRE Market ft. Gerber/Hart Library and Archives. For the best experience, we highly recommend listening to that episode here. An […]

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Amanda Friedlander | May 08, 2024

The “Real World” Isn’t Real

“In the real world, this would never fly.” “In the real world, you’ll need to know this.” “In the real world, you’ll be held to a much higher standard.” These […]

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Justin Roberts | Mar 04, 2024

Black History Landmarks of Chicago

As we start to close out Black History Month and head into March, we here at Willard Jones have decided to look at some of Chicago’s most iconic Black Cultural […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Dec 19, 2023

Do The Evolution

As 2023 disappears in our collective rearview mirrors, there is finally enough evidence at hand to reasonably project what the future of the office will look like. After analyzing the […]

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Amanda Friedlander | Sep 08, 2023

Remembering Chicago’s Fallen on September 11, 2001

The following tributes were compiled from the individuals’ obituaries, articles, statements from friends and family, and biographies sourced from the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. We recognize that these are mere […]

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Amanda Friedlander | May 30, 2023

How to be Disabled in Chicago

It is a uniquely difficult experience to watch your own body devolve from something you previously perceived as strong and resilient to something that barely passes for functioning. The first […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Dec 01, 2022

The Mishegoss of the Loop

One of my mentors — the late, great Howard Weinstein — was quite proficient in Yiddish. A favorite word of his was mishegoss, meaning “craziness,” or some type of senseless […]

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Amanda Friedlander | Nov 30, 2022

Whiplash from the Past

The year was 1901, and Chicago was a blossoming city with a booming economy. At the forefront of its success were the lumber and meat industries, and the city was […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Nov 10, 2022

Remembering Tom Horwich

The Chicago real estate community lost another legend last week with the passing of Tom Horwich. While much of Tom’s work was under the radar, his influence on those of […]

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Amanda Friedlander | Oct 31, 2022

Three Terrifyingly True Tales from the Loop

This month, in honor of Halloween, we’re bringing you three terrifyingly true stories from our very own portfolio. Amongst the glamor and glory of Chicago’s business district is the very […]

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Amanda Friedlander | Oct 03, 2022

The ABCs of DEI in CRE

In the business world, there are a few buzzwords that regularly make their rounds in corporate conversation. Words like “synergy.” “Circling back.” “Putting a pin in it.” “Tabling it.” “Seamlessness.” […]

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May 26, 2022

The Walking Man

One of the best parts of my job as a commercial real estate broker is not being tied to my desk for 10 hours per day. Typically, I have several […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Mar 18, 2022

Transforming The Loop

For those of us who have emotionally, professionally or financially invested in downtown Chicago, the last two years have been difficult to stomach. From the moment you arrived to well […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Jan 10, 2022

The Office (R)evolution

In your wildest imagination, could you have even foreseen a scenario in which the streets of Downtown Chicago would be zapped of its trademark energy, office buildings would generally sit […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Apr 23, 2020


As we all try to cope with our new world and everything it entails, I sincerely hope that you and your families are staying healthy and sane during this unparalleled […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Feb 27, 2020

The Central Loop Elixir

I have been working in the Central Loop for nearly a quarter of a century and in my humble opinion, rumors of the Central Loop’s demise are exaggerated. Undoubtedly, challenges […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Jan 09, 2020

2020 Predicitons

Happy New Year! As we ring in 2020, it is time once again to look into the future and forecast what lies ahead for the new year. First, let’s revisit […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Nov 21, 2019

Salt of the Earth

As we approach Thanksgiving 2019, it is the most appropriate time of year to express a hearty appreciation for all of the talented individuals who truly are responsible for ensuring […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Oct 24, 2019

Same Story, Different Day

I have written in this blog space before how important it is for brokers to keep up on current events in the real estate industry. The truth is, it has […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Sep 25, 2019

Taxed To Death

Given the enormous budget deficit in Chicago, it comes as no surprise that the Mayor and members of the City Council are turning over every stone imaginable to unearth creative […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Aug 29, 2019

Crazy 8’s

As we approach the Labor Day weekend and unofficial end of summer, here are 8 random thoughts that recently have crossed my mind as we conclude month number 8 of […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Jul 18, 2019

The Willard Jones Building Quiz

Ready to test your knowledge of downtown Chicago real estate? Well, it’s your lucky day! We hereby present the first ever Willard Jones Building Quiz, past and present. Answers to […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Jun 06, 2019

The Chairman

It is rare when one can say they have been mentored by a legend.  A legend of not just their profession, but also of life in general. Well, I am […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | May 23, 2019

The Haymarket Building

Willard Jones Real Estate recently welcomed The Haymarket Building, located at 117 North Jefferson Street, into its leasing portfolio and has been tasked with returning this West Loop gem back […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Apr 25, 2019


I know this is supposed to be a real estate blog, but I must make an exception this month and pay tribute to an individual who was a huge part […]

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Mar 28, 2019

Your Reputation Precedes You

Spring has arrived in Chicago and baseball season is now underway. As we look forward to another exciting campaign, an annual highlight for me is the opportunity to listen to […]

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