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The Best of Chicago for 2018

Jonathan Zimmerman | Nov 29, 2018

It is officially the season of giving and Willard Jones Real Estate is here to help.  To contribute to your holiday fun, we hereby present the first annual (possibly) Willard […]

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Jillian Schwartz | Nov 01, 2018

Why I Love/Hate Chicago

I complain about things out of my control. Some of the recipients of those complaints? The weather, CTA, and people who annoy me. Where have I found all of these […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Oct 24, 2018

What Did I Ever Do To Them?

The scene: The Old Town Ale House, on the southeast corner of North and Wieland. It is a sleepy Tuesday night in October in the city of Chicago. LaSalle Street […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Sep 19, 2018

Retro Chicago

So, Chicago is going to have a new mayor in 2019. In reviewing the rather uninspiring list of candidates thus far, the thought crossed my mind: what could one of […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Aug 16, 2018

The Pittsfield Building

“Is the Pittsfield Building cursed?” This is the title of the featured article in a recent edition of Crain’s Chicago Business. (Read it here) Without even reading the story, a […]

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Landis Mast | Aug 14, 2018

An Office-Filled Summer

I’m going to try to keep this short and simple, so bear with me. This summer I had an experience like no other. It wasn’t so much the actual labor […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Jul 26, 2018

Anything But Boring

Unless you have recently been vacationing on Mars, it is tough to have missed the thrilling news that Elon Musk’s Boring Company has been awarded the contract to construct an […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Jun 28, 2018

The Automated Bully

In almost every industry, price increases are typical from time to time. Most people, while never happy about it, generally understand that there are a lot of reasons for nominal […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Apr 26, 2018

Where Did All the Stores Go?

I hate shopping. For me, the ability to purchase things online goes down as one of the greatest phenomena of my lifetime. I don’t have to schlep through stores or […]

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Jillian Schwartz | Apr 18, 2018

It’s Time to Listen

I can still see the poster hanging in my third-grade classroom: “Listen and silent have the same letters for a reason.” At the time, I thought it was a teacher-way […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Mar 08, 2018

Thrown for a Loop

In case there was any remaining doubt, my youth has officially ended. That was my first thought after learning this week that The Loop, one of Chicago’s most iconic radio […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Feb 21, 2018

Random Thoughts for February

Since I started doing a monthly blog for our company website and the Intelligent Office Blog in 2015, I generally have been successful in coming up with topics fairly easily. […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Jan 04, 2018

2018 Predictions

Happy New Year! As we dig into 2018, it is time once again to pull out the crystal ball and predict what events lie ahead. Before we start, let’s look […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Nov 30, 2017

Office 2020

Think back to the last time you shopped around for an apartment. Likely, the process was straight-forward and to the point: figure out your budget, pick a neighborhood, set aside […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Oct 26, 2017

Blink of an Eye

If these last few months have taught us anything, it is how truly fragile life can be. Collectively, we have witnessed way too many horrific tragedies and natural disasters as […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Sep 14, 2017

Amazon Fever

Outside of debating who the Bears’ starting quarterback should be, the number one topic of discussion in Chicago these days involves Amazon’s headquarters announcement. Do we really have a chance […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Aug 03, 2017

The Real Estate Wisdom of Billy Joel

I recently listed to a town hall style interview/concert with the legendary musician Billy Joel. I have always been a fan but never realized until now how truly meaningful the […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Jul 13, 2017

My Friend Matt

Life isn’t fair! Why do bad things happen to good people? Why me? What have I done to deserve this? Why must I suffer like this? In life, tragic events […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Jun 26, 2017

More Stories!

Back by popular demand, I hereby present: More of the Most Outrageous Stories that I Have Encountered During My Career. While I would not necessarily place these in the Murphy’s […]

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Jillian Schwartz | Jun 23, 2017

Hannah’s Bretzel is back

After quite the extensive renovation and expansion, the new Hannah’s Bretzel at 180 W Washington is back open for business. As one of the food places in our spaces, I […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | May 25, 2017

Hey Mr. Murphy, can you cut me a break?

As with most things in life, a certain degree of luck comes in handy. However, it seems that Murphy fellow and his wicked Law is always lurking–something out of your […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Apr 25, 2017

The Buzz

You have to admit, downtown Chicago is a pretty amazing place to work; transcendent architecture, premier accessibility, fascinating cultural attractions, restaurants at every corner, and miles upon miles of shopping. […]

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Jillian Schwartz | Mar 30, 2017

Mad (wo)Men

The good ol’ days. Is there such a thing? I like to think there was a different sort of peace before hashtags and online profiles. Recently, I found myself immersed […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Mar 23, 2017

Then And Now

The other day, a youngster who recently started in the real estate industry asked me about the most significant differences in the commercial real estate business today as compared to […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Feb 22, 2017

He Really Did Exist!

In a previous blog, I described how the name of my firm, Willard Jones Real Estate, came about (Blog). While I did conduct a fair amount of research prior to […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Jan 03, 2017

The 2017 Crystal Ball

Here we go again. Another new year, another fresh set of predictions. Before we project what lies ahead for the next 12 months, let’s first see how we fared last […]

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Jonathan Zimmerman | Nov 17, 2016

It’s Awfully Frosty Down There

Just when we thought we had seen it all, 2016 happened. The only thing that may be more shocking than the Cubs winning the World Series is Donald Trump getting […]

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Jillian Schwartz | Nov 08, 2016

Song Titles that Describe the Cold Call Process

Ah, the days full of phone dial tones and unanswered voicemail messages. For salespeople and brokers alike, unfortunately–after all these years–cold calling is still part of the leasing process. Especially […]

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